Interview: Joey Cape (Lagwagon, Me First & The Gimme Gimmes, Bad Astronaut)

Interview by DAN CRIBB

Lagwagon front man, , will be teaming up with long time pal TONY SLY (No Use for a Name) to play Amplifier Bar in Perth this Wednesday 19th May. Cape gave up a few minutes from his schedule to run me through how things are going to work, and was clear he was is a very busy man.

Hey man, sorry about that [He was running behind with his interviews]. I guess the problem is I just talk too much,” Cape laughed. “I’m a blabber mouth.” He then went onto explain how touring solo is a lot like the early DIY days of Lagwagon.

I love it, when I go on tour as a solo guy, I can also go on tour with other musicians doing the same thing. We get in a van, and we’ve got that kind of family thing going on. It feels like the early days of punk rock; when you didn’t know your band for 20 years.

Touring with Sly was an easy choice and something both of them had been talking about for a while. They both love Australia and couldn’t think of a better place to tour together,

We were in Europe doing our first [solo] tour together, and we were having so much fun and the shows were going so great, and he came to me and said we should take this thing around the world. As soon as we were both on board Australia came up first.”

Touring aside, he is quite busy recording a second solo album in his basement. Fans can subscribe to this via his website and receive monthly emails containing a new song. With a music industry struggling to cope with music downloads, Cape hopes this way of releasing music will work better.

I’m just selling them directly through, if people like a song they can buy it for a buck, or they can just listen to them for free on Youtube. I was actually downstairs mixing the fifth song when you called. I’ve got a little studio in my basement which is great for recording acoustic stuff.”

The boys will be at Amplifier Bar in Perth this Wednesday 19th May, for what promises to be an exciting and intermit night. Tickets are still on sale now through MOSHTIX