Interview: Frenzal Rhomb

Interview by Daniel Cribb.

Two national tours from  in one year? It must be Christmas for Australian punk rockers. That and “Jason (Vocals) had a kid and doesn’t have a job,” guitaristLindsay McDougall explained to me after my phone disconnected five or so times (Cheers Vodafone).

The band’s upcoming tour is in support of their new album ‘Smoko At The Pet Food Factory’ which was released August 19.

They’re currently touring the east coast and will be here this Saturday night with TEENAGE BOTTLEROCKET(USA).

“Gordy (Drums) was a mate of theirs and loved their music. He found them on Facebook or Twitter or Skype or whatever bullshit that he uses. They turned out to be really nice guys and I’m stocked that we’re playing shows with them,” McDougall said.

‘Smoko At The Pet Food Factory’, the bands tenth studio album, was recorded at The Blasting Room in Colorado by Bill Stevenson (Descendents) and keeps in theme with previous albums featuring song titles such as ‘Mummy Doesn’t Know You’re A Nazi’, ‘Edward Sausage Fangs’ and ‘Bird Attack’.

Earlier in the year  toured Australia to “raise awareness for victims of bird attack”. $5 Home-made bird attack helmets appeared on their merch desk and they’ve released a video for the song.

Why so much emphasis placed on a song that goes for just over a minute?

“It’s the song that’s the easiest to play,” McDougall said.

“Bird attack, bird attack, bird attack, bird Attack. Times two. Plus a middle section followed by one more bird attack round. That’s easy to remember.”

Saturday night’s show at The Civic Hotel is sold out so make sure you get in early next time if you’ve missed out on this one!

Interview: Teenage Bottlerocket

Interview By Dan Cribb

Imagine if Green Day still produced awesome albums like ‘Dookie’ or ‘Kerplunk’. Do you wish they hadn’t flushed those sounds down the toilet to make way for rock operas and musicals? If you miss lyrics about girls, drinking and having fun, then checking out should be high on your to-do list.

 are currently touring Australia with FRENZAL RHOMB and guitarist/vocalist Ray Carlisle kindly gave up a few minutes of his time before the tour to answer some questions.

“Gordy from Frenzal Rhomb fell in love with our music, or so he says. Maybe he was just drunk. I don’t know,” laughed Carlisle.

“I wanna go to the beach at least once when I’m in Australia. I’m looking forward to taking everything in and just living day by day.”

Before punk music, Ray and his brother Brandon played in a couple of high-school heavy-metal bands, one called the Carlisle Crew.

“Being in a band with my brother can sometimes be a pain in the arse. On the plus side, we’ve been playing music together our whole lives and we know what we expect out of each other so writing music kind of comes naturally for us. It’s got its ups and downs but I’d say there are more ups than downs.”

Green Day was the band that converted the brothers from heavy-metal to punk rock.

“If wasn’t for Green Day we probably wouldn’t be playing punk music,” Carlisle said.

“Green Day came along and blew our minds. From there we tackled the whole Lookout and Fat Wreck catalogues and pretty much anything underground that we could get our hands on.”

Before the band had even written their first song they had their logo, which appears on the front of all their full-lengths, ready to go.

“When we started the band we had certain things in mind and one of the things was the way we look. We wear leather jackets and Chuck Taylors.

“We wanted our appearance to represent our style of music and we came to the conclusion that a lot of the bands that we love, like Alkaline Trio and Bad Religion, had a logo that you didn’t even have to put the band name on.”

After they’re finished in Australia they’re heading home to tour before starting work on a new album. They’ve got about ten songs written at the moment including ‘Mutilate Me’ and ‘Punk House of Horror’ which were released on a 7 inch early this year.

“We were really fortunate because we booked studio time at the Blasting Room and when we showed up Rise Against was recording their new full length. They were mixing their record in LA at the time but they still had all their gear set up.

“That really cut down on set-up time and we were able to smash those songs out in one day.”