Interview: Gyroscope

Interview by Daniel Cribb

For the past couple of months local legends, have been taking a well deserved break from years of constant touring and recording. They return to the road this month with the ‘Choose Your Adventure Tour’ and a fresh outlook on being a band.

Bassist Brad Campbell recently hopped back into reality after holidaying in Japan, Europe and South Africa and said he can’t wait to play some older material for fans.

“We’ve got four albums and a couple of EPs, so it can be hard to play everything. I just wanna play some stuff that we haven’t really played for a long time”, Campbell said.

“When we first wrote the Midnight Express EP and we were touring we used to jump around and things used to break and we’d bleed. I wouldn’t mind getting back to a bit of that sort of stuff.”

 have a voting poll on their Facebook page where fans can choose what songs they want to hear on the upcoming tour. At the moment it’s full of old classics that they haven’t played for years.

Years ago when the band was known as Gyroscope Sunday they recorded a short demo that included the track ‘The Fart Game’.

“I’ve still got a cassette deck in my car and it’s the only cassette I’ve got in there. Every now and then I whack it on and have a bit of a chuckle,” he laughed.

“There’s a song that sounds exactly like Blink-182 and ‘The Fart Game’, which is pretty weird haha. We’ll see if they make it!”

You can imagine being with the same three friends in such close proximity all the time would eventually drive you insane, but the bond between the four members of Gyroscope only strengthens with each tour and drunken fight.

“Everyone’s trying to be creative and there’s always going to be arguments but we’re pretty good like that. We kind of know when to back off and give someone space. I think because we built this band around a friendship it has sort of helped us in that way. We don’t let egos and all that kind of stuff get in the way. If someone’s being a dickhead we’ll sit them down and say “You’re being a dickhead”. I think that’s what helped us last this long.” Campbell explains.

No Perth show was announced for the Choose Your Own Adventure Tour, but Campbell says that fans shouldn’t be disheartened as something else is in the works at the moment and should hopefully be announced soon.