Show Review: Everclear 14.10.12

Published in Drum Media (WA) | 18.10.12 | Issue # 310



Openers Jake & The Cowboys secured the support slot for the last show of Everclear’s Australian tour via a Facebook vote-off, but had they been judged on the merit of their live show, the outcome would have no doubt been the same. “Jacked up on Everclear”, Emperors displayed a band in their element as they returned home from opening the East Coast leg of the tour. As he belted out the bridge of Hey Dolly with nail-biting intensity, vocalist Adam Livingston (complete with Legoland pullover) proved he has some of the strongest lungs in the country.

Everclear’s trip down memory lane – one that’s taken them 14 years to deliver Australian fans – took shelter in the intimate confines of Capitol. Well, intimate considering the band. Already surfacing during the night, and retreating after being swamped by a sea of fans, frontman and only original member Art Alexakis looked like he’d been plucked directly out of his ‘90 heyday.

Kicking off with So Much For The Afterglow, Alexakis’ mic was off for the first half of the song. Luckily, being a crowd favourite, there was no lack of vocal presence. Father Of Mine saw a sea of fists bopping up and down to the groove of drummer Sean Winchester, and the tightly knit collection of fans on the dancefloor set up a festival-esque atmosphere. Fans were treated toWonderful, acoustic number Stawberry (feat. crowd lighters) Everything To Everyone and new tune Be Careful What You Ask For – all corners of their back catalogue were covered.

Technical issues struck again during White Men In Black Suits with a mid-song guitar change and keyboard cutting out, but they powered through unfazed. They had little time to dwell, and even less for between-song banter.

“Thanks for coming on stage, and thanks for not being a pussy and jumping like you’re supposed to,” Alexakis commended a punter for rocking out ‘90s style, before they bid farewell with Santa Monica, a medley of classic rock songs and I Will Buy You A New Life. Whether it’s because they’re dripping in nostalgia or they’ve had two decades to refine their live show, Everclear have an unmatched and infectious energy.

Written by Daniel Cribb