CD Review: Fall Out Boy

Published in Drum Media (WA) | 30.05.13 | Issue # 340




28 May, 2013

To most long-time fans of Fall Out Boy, listening to this record will be like watching a poorly constructed remake of their favourite film. It will definitely remind them of the thing they love, and they’ll be able to appreciate certain elements of it, but overall it will cause an indescribable rage to brew within.

News of a Fall Out Boy reunion last year went worldwide in a mad inferno, and with international tour dates quickly lined up, fans had to pinch themselves to make sure it was real. The next logical step was a record, which is where the dream turned into a nightmare.

Save Rock and Roll sounds like the members of Fall Out Boy went to a dance music festival, and then went home off their faces to write the record using Fruity Loops, or some other sampling/looping software. But hey, they probably couldn’t care less about staying true to their roots at this stage, and are likely racking up more money with this CD than any of their previous releases.

The only thing that remains of their pop punk heyday is the occasional quirky song title (My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up)), and the powerful and unique vocal style of Patrick Stump. Even then it’s hard to differentiate between the voice of Stump and some of the female vocalists sitting in the Billboard charts.

You know how you can really save rock’n’roll? By not buying this CD.

Daniel Cribb