Drum Media Perth: EPs/Singles

Published in Drum Media (WA) | 06.06.13 | Issue # 341




Mutating Machines


Creeping out of hibernation, Naik returns with an EP nothing short of brilliant. With 10 tunes clocking in at nearly 35 minutes, the three years between his debut LP and now wasn’t time wasted.

Repetition is key with Naik, as he generally builds from a simple beat, slowly adding more layers as the song progresses, leaving the listener with an almost visceral sense of his creative direction. His collaboration with Will Stoker on Memory Lane is Mutating Machines’ highlight. The fact these songs didn’t make the cut for his upcoming full-length leaves one thinking his next release will be groundbreaking.


Song For A Cat Named Max


It’s rare that a band nails true DIY without coming across as cheap or tacky. From the home-printed packaging to raw recording feel, Perth two-piece Lionizer have managed to capture something special with minimal tools at their despoil – and with only two of them to fill out the sonic realm, this single sounds huge.

What makes this tune interesting are the various influences that bleed through. There is a distinct punk rock vibe throughout the pop song structures, while the grunge-esque vocals of Vez Litten seem to originate from indie pop. Hopefully a follow-up will see the luxury of more studio time, as with a few more harmonies and developed guitar riffs, Lionizer will be unstoppable.


Better Off Dread 7”


The Bennies’ debut album was Party! Party! Party!, and with this follow-up 7”, the Melbourne four-piece make Cheech & Chong look like responsible users. With more variety throughout the record’s four songs, it sounds like Bob Marley, Sublime, and Rancid threw down in the studio to give birth to an original blend of ska, punk, and reggae. My Bike tackles punk rock, Mushroom Tea controls funky ska, Better Off Dread attacks reggae and Return To 9-5 has a crack at some beats. These four songs showcase every element of their music – it’s their showreel. You may not be into illicit substances, but one listen to these infectious tunes and your body will be on the verge of an overdose.