Interview: Davey Craddock & The Spectacles

Published in Drum Media (WA) | 04.07.13 | Issue # 345



It’s been a quiet six months for country blues four-piece Davey Craddock & The Spectacles, but with a new guitarist and half an LP written, Mr. Craddock tells Daniel Cribb they’ll soon be unstoppable.

The last time Davey Craddock and his backing band made a splash in the WA music scene was at the end of 2012 with the release of Going Home – a five-track EP that suggested 2013 was going to be a busy year. Since then, they’ve remained somewhat in the shadows, only surfacing for the odd show here and there.

Behind the scenes they’ve been more than busy, and their appearance at Hidden Treasures will kick off the second half of what promises to be a busy year for the new and improved band.

“We’ve really just been writing new songs, gearing up for an album. We’re about to record a double single with Matt Gio who works out of Studio Couch, and the major change since the EP is that we’ve now got Luke Dux (The Floors) playing lead guitar.

“He’s an absolutely incredible guitarist and he’s just bringing something really, really different to the band – probably a bit rockier sound. I mean, we were almost venturing into bluegrass before, whereas these new songs are little bit denser and bassier.”

Going Home was good in its own right, but the addition of a lead guitarist has enabled Craddock to fully explore sounds he’s always wanted to play with – especially in a live environment. After easing into a new sound with a “Bruce Springsteen”-esque double single, their debut full-length, which is 70% written, will bear little resemblance to Going Home.

“The songs for the full-length are a bit more experimental, more kind of Wilco, lots of strange, fuzzy noises going on in them rather than straight up country, acoustic music, and we can do that now we’ve got a broader pallet of sounds to draw on.

“I always wanted a lead guitarist. We worked really well as a trio, but it just seemed like a natural thing to do, to make it bigger and better. Luke plays a lot of slide and lap steel guitar, which in country music is just a beautiful sound, so a lot of our softer ballads have that beautiful, weepy lap steel sound over them.”

The new and improved line-up is set to hit Workers Club as part of Fremantle’s Hidden Treasures music series, where new material and revamped older tunes will be on display.

“We all work down in Freo, so in a funny kind of way it does seem like our ‘hood’, so it’s nice to play around here. I like anything that gets things going in winter, which I think can be a bit quiet. I like the idea of cosy little gigs, so we’re excited for it.”

Not only do they work in the area, Craddock, Todd Pickett (drums) and Pete Stone (bass) all work at Fremantle Arts Centre.

“We all get along really, really well. I think it’s a good test; if you can work with people and then go straight into a rehearsal. We’ve got a good relationship, so it never gets too much. That said, we don’t tour a lot. The true test is getting in a van.

“We seem to play a fair amount of gigs in the country, and we don’t get on each other’s nerves…you get very good at pulling back. I think it’s an art to be in a station wagon and not piss people off, and [The Spectacles] seemed to of developed a skill of that – when not to talk, and when to put your head down and eat your sausage roll and have your ice coffee and go off to sleep,” he laughs.

WHO: Davey Craddock & The Spectacles

WHAT: Going Home (Going Home Records)

WHEN & WHERE: Thursday 11 July, Worker Club