CD Review: Hellogoodbye

Published on | 18.10.13

& The Music (WA, VIC, QLD, NSW) | 23.10.13




18 October, 2013

With the maturity of their songwriting and charismatic vocals of Forrest Kline, it’s hard to believe Hellogoodbye are only onto album number three. On Everything Is Debatable’s 11 electro folk pop-fuelled tunes, synths and guitar leads play just as an important role as Kline’s vocals in the winning over the listener.

2010’s Would It Kill You? seemed to lack something the band’s debut promised, but with a new drummer and bassist this release pertains an unbridled energy and intriguing sense of depth and dynamic. You might question the overuse of synth or drum samples, but you can’t deny the record’s solidity.

Daniel Cribb