Show Review: Rob Schneider 21.10.13

Published in The Music (WA) | 23.10.13




Dick jokes with a side order of philosophy were on offer when 49-year-old Rob Schneider fronted a sold-out Astor Theatre in Perth. He’d barely been in the country 12 hours and had already managed to nail the Aussie accent and make note of some country towns to poke fun at, “Bunburra” aka Bunbury getting an honourable mention on numerous occasions.

To avoid any awkward heckling, the first thing he did on approaching the mic was yell, “You can do it!”, and for the next hour didn’t go anywhere close to his acting career, which, surprisingly, he didn’t need to to keep the ball rolling. Sure, his set slumped somewhat towards the end – there’s only so long you can joke about sex and getting old before you start repeating yourself – but for the most part, Schneider’s onstage presence was engaging and often pushed boundaries.

It wasn’t until his encore did a select few finally shouted “you can do it” and “cut his fucking balls off”, which seemed an appropriate transition into Schneider explaining his absence from Grown Ups 2. Although he cited having a child as his reason, he also compared the film to a bowl of shit. Most of those in the diverse crowd would have purchased tickets purely on his film career, but during his time onstage, he showed he’s more than the man from the big screen.

Daniel Cribb