Show Review: Bill Burr 27.01.15

Published in The Music (WA) and on, Jan 2015


From Louis CK to Doug Stanhope, there’s something about Boston that creates the perfect environment for comedy legends to flourish.

Bill Burr sits high on the list, and Perth became a “test crowd” at the beginning of his third trip to Australia, as he dished out local references better than most Aussie comedians do. A quick stab at the fundamental flaws of the recently passed Australia Day celebrations led the way for controversial material that didn’t sit too well for one front row punter.

Failing to comprehend the basic premise of stand-up comedy, said punter became the brunt of a solid 20 minutes of punch lines – most of which revolved around sandwiches. Any touchy subject matter to do with women’s rights was balanced out by equally brutal attacks on males. A self-proclaimed “advocate for murder”, jokes at Burr’s own expense and the general downward spiral of humanity, all delivered in a “Bwoston” accent made for A-grade comedy. He’s one of few that can give negativity charm. Thinking on his toes, interacting with and abusing the audience, and having an overall easygoing demeanour, Burr encompassed everything great about stand-up comedy. One could easily forget they’re in a packed-out theatre, his set having all the characteristics of an intimate comedy club set.

Riverside Theatre, Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre, 27 Jan