Show Review: Noel Fielding 24.04.15

Published in The Music (WA) and on, Apr 2015


Pic by Juliet Duval

The chance to marvel at the mystery and style of Noel Fielding’s comedy in a live environment was an opportunity for which many Perth fans had waited what seemed like a lifetime. As a result, The Mighty Boosh star’s first WA show was met with great excitement and anxiousness.

Fielding began slow and lured punters into a false sense of security by rolling out fairly standard material and the occasional jab at an audience member, but it wasn’t long before he showed his true colours. “I haven’t worked out if this comedy or a midlife crisis,” he laughed, right after singing a sexual song about milk.

With his brother, Michael Fielding (Naboo on The Mighty Boosh), long-time collaborator Tom Meeten, a demented mannequin named after soccer player Lionel Messi, and The Moon by his side, things spiralled out of control, until Fielding sat and read a children’s book about Joey Ramone in a Scottish accent.

Dishing out observational, improvised and skit-based humour over a two-hour set, it was the moment the 41-year-old cult hero stood in front of a 3000-strong crowd with a plastic cup strapped to his chin that really defined the evening.

In a world where bizarre is increasingly becoming the norm, Noel Fielding still manages to find unexplored territory and take it in unexpected directions.