Show Review: Matt Okine 02.05.15

Published in The Music (WA) and on, May 2015




His Majesty’s Theatre (finished)

It’s one thing to get on stage and unleash jokes at an audience waiting to laugh, but a completely different endeavour to stand in front of thousands of people and make an honest and layered connection.

You might know Matt Okine as the easygoing gentleman on triple j whose voice wakes you up or keeps you company on your way to work, all the while making you laugh with quick observational jabs; and the start of his new show begins in a similar fashion, discussing his rise to the spotlight and radio work, but then takes things to the next level.

On top of the usual gags, he also gave an unexpected insight into his personal life and what exactly his passion for comedy has cost him, which made for a far more engaging and thought-provoking show, tackling racism, self-worth and more. Whenever things sunk a little too dark, he pulled it back with quick one-liners, often at his own expense.

Matt Okine took a risk with his new show, and it’s paying off; The Other Guy is perfectly balanced and sees the comic carve his own path.

Daniel Cribb

5 Stars