Show Review: The Wombats 23.07.15

Published on, July 2015



Toeing the line between musical geeks and rockstars, dance entrepreneurs and indie maestros The Wombats were more than ready to bring a little Splendour to Perth. “Sweet, sweet spider monkeys, how the hell are you doing?” frontman Matthew Murphy began through a thick Liverpool accent, looking like he’d just awoken, as always.

Your Body Is A Weapon quickly set the scene before the band took an unexpected turn and pulled things back for a song that saw punters quite literally Jump Into The Fog.

The lights took over and spiralled into an epic seizure-inducing production as Murphy declared it was his birthday. Unfortunately the epic build up was cut short when Moving To New York’s twangy guitar intro stopped due to tuning issues. ”Who’s been a very naughty boy?” the vocalist said, looking to a roadie side of stage. What would have usually been filled with awkward banter or murmurs from a restless audience was taken over by the room bellowing Happy Birthday.

Greek Tragedy quickly got things back on track and with bass oozing out of the speakers, 1996 had the set back to its original pace. Dedicating This Is Not A Party to close friends who live in Perth was a kind gesture but perhaps not the best song to show affection. Regardless, it wasn’t a track that had any reflection on the vibes within Metro City, especially after a cake was delivered to the stage.

Things were pulled back once again for old hit Little Miss Pipedream, which the band admitted hadn’t been rehearsed before encouraging punters to sing their lungs out. When Kill The Director rolled around, no encouragement was needed at all.

Emoticons went wild for Techno Fans, and while some punters got their Wombats fix, others were left with severe Splendour In The Grass envy. Either way, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone in attendance who didn’t have a good time when set closer Let’s Dance To Joy Division rolled around.