Show Review: Cirque du Soleil – Totem 31.07.15

Published on, Aug 2015


The Cirque du Soleil brand always ensures quality, no matter the theme, format or location of whatever production they’re touring, and while Totem might not be as engaging as the company’s past efforts with cohesive storylines or more structured flow, it brings something new to the table.

The two-hour show under the yellow and blue big top was a visual overload spanning a slew of cultures and millennia with an end game that seemed to critique different relationships through dance, acrobatics and humour. The latter two components gave Totem an interesting dynamic, keeping it fresh and true to a more traditional circus while being driven by live music.

From primates to space travel, beach vibes to the jungle, Totem‘s topics seemed to have all bases covered and, while it wasn’t a linear “journey into the evolution of mankind”, the show did convey interesting points about human development.

If you can’t appreciate the undertones and depth of the production, it’s still great to watch attractive people risk their lives for your entertainment and do things that don’t seem humanly possible while you sit there and eat ice-cream.