Review: House Of Marley Liberate Bluetooth Headphones

Published on, Aug 2015


It can be hard to find headphones at a decent price that focus on sound quality, comfort and portability. It’s usually two of those qualities that shine through at the sacrifice of the third.

That’s where House Of Marley’s Liberate Bluetooth Headphones immediately and noticeably separate themselves from other products.
The earpieces fold in on one another, making them extremely portable, and their bluetooth capability adds convenience that, when added to the soft foam padding on the ear pieces and headband, and noise isolating function, makes them perfect for travel or fast-paced commuting.

These solve the problem of being crammed on public transport and trying to navigate all your other personal effects through a tangled headphone chord.
One of their best features is the Bluetooth buttons on the right earpiece that allow listeners to turn the volume up and down and skip songs without touching the device it’s paired to.
But, ultimately, it is sound quality that counts, and even with their portability, Marley haven’t compromised on this important aspect. The bottom end is full and provides depth, while the high frequencies are bright and clear without sounding too harsh. The sound they produce make them not only ideal for music, but videos too.

Plus, they actually look damn good.