Jim Beaver Confident Bobby Singer Will Return To ‘Supernatural’

Published on, Sept 2015


Renowned US actor Jim Beaver has said there is a “huge possibility” that his character on long-running cult hit Supernatural, Bobby Singer, would return to the show at some point.

Singer, who was a father-like mentor to main characters Sam and Dean Winchester, was killed off in the seventh season of the show, and made small appearances since.

Currently in the country for Oz Comic-Con, Beaver told the nature of the show and fan adoration for the character meant he was confident he would return to Supernatural at some point, ever if just for small appearances.

“I don’t think they’re done at all with [Bobby],” Beaver said.

“I don’t think they’ll ever be done completely with him. The nature of the show is that anything can happen and they’ve already proven that by bringing him back in various forms over the past three series.

“My sense is that they’re aware how much the fans like the character, so I think as long as the show’s on, they will have their eyes open for opportunities to bring Bobby back for a visit.”

After leaving Supernatural in 2012, Beaver become a more prevalent character in Justified. Other notable hit shows he has been involved with include Deadwood, Dexter and Breaking Bad.

You can catch Beaver at Oz Comic-Con at Sydney Exhibition Centre this weekend.

Season 11 of Supernatural kicks off next month.