Show Review: Alex Williamson 24.10.15

Published on, Oct 2015


Astor Theatre

He claims to be just another internet star, but Adelaide web hero Alex Williamson is so much more than the 15-second clips he mass produces on a weekly basis.

Darting between the politically incorrect and surprisingly insightful social commentary, Williamson expanded on his crude and witty social media bites, proving he’s mastered short, sharp humour, calculated riffs and audience improv, while also delivering musical gems with an acoustic guitar and catchy melodies.

Ultimately, Alex Williamson’s humour largely appeals to the over-eager, straight up bogans that he is making fun of. And the best part is, most of them have no idea. He’s laughing at them, not with them. It’s an interesting cycle, and marvellous to be stuck in the middle of at a live show.