Show Review: Al Murray 26.10.15

Published on, Oct 2015


Astor Theatre

Slurred political commentary and hazy dreams of grandeur were in large supply when “the one true king of beers,” Al Murray, rolled into Perth.

Ale wasn’t the only thing thrown at front row punters as Murray went on a tirade, telling a sizeable gentlemen he had gravitational pull of the Deathstar before labelling his wife a “heartless cow”.

His set was divided into two sections, the first revolving almost entirely around fast-paced improv which had the crowd in hysterics as he spun a web of jokes from something as simple as someone’s name or occupation.

Act two saw the UK funnyman explain global finance in under half a pint, and proved that although he might play the drunken fool, he’s one of the smartest comedians going around. The fact that he managed to remember the name of almost every person in the front two rows was proof of that. The rumours of alcohol killing off brain cells are clearly false, with Al Murray debunking the claims.