Show Review: Arj Barker 28.10.15

Published on, Oct 2015


Riverside Theatre

It doesn’t matter what Arj Barker does or says, he holds a certain charisma that thrusts just about everything he deals with under a comedic spotlight. Even the poster for the Get In My Head tour is a confusingly hysterical rip of a cheesy album cover from decades ago.

Another thing you have to know about Australia’s adopted son is that he tends to get angry from time to time, and crawling inside his headspace for an hour yielded a rollercoaster of emotions as he attempted to untangle the mess of modern life through careful analysis of social media, growing older, fame and more, all the while managing to still throw in some dick jokes for good measure.

Barker has comedic tone down to a fine art, using timing, volume and gestures to his advantage, stepping up his game from previous run, Go Time. With the Get In My Head tour cycle winding down, it’s likely Barker will continue to raise the bar with whatever he does next.