Show Review: RocKwiz Live 31.10.15

Published on, Oct 2015



Watching the live format of RocKwiz is like sitting in a living room with 2500 people yelling answers at their TV, and it’s nothing short of great.

In a true celebration of Australian music, the tour was tailored to the ARIA Hall Of Fame and each segment dedicated to iconic artists. The amount of talent to choose from could have seen the show go for days, but in a concentrated format, there were few low points.

Co-host and scorekeeper Brian Nankervis set the scene perfectly and had the crowd eating out of the palm of his hand, with a stage presence that carried the show until crowd favourite Julia Zemiro and a four-piece band surfaced over an hour into the show. Had it not been for Nankervis’ direction – which started off with a classic poem from his Hey Hey It’s Saturday days – their delayed arrival would have dampened the show.

Eighteen audience members were plucked from their seats and thrown into a series of games, adapted from small screenSaturday favourites. After a rigorous audition process that had the crowd shouting Kenny Rogers lyrics in glorious unison and various contestants impersonating the moves of Mick Jagger and Peter Garrett, four remained, and that’s when the show truly began.

In keeping with the TV format, two teams were pitted against one another and forced to dig into the recesses of their minds for information only a music nerd would retain.

The show was at its finest when trivia lead seamlessly into surprise performances from Melbourne’s Olympia and local legends Brian Cadd (Axiom), and Dave Faulkner (Hoodoo Gurus), climaxing with a cover of Nick Cave’s The Mercy Seatby Abbe May.

RocKwiz Live brought together a unique group of diehard Aussie music lovers, and proved just how much talent has sprouted Down Under.