Published in The Music (NSW, QLD) and on, Feb 2016


Put Down The Smartphone, People

Having made a career out of his bizarre humour, Tom Green‘s views on politics, business and technology go well beyond breaking the preconceived image some may have of him. Daniel Cribb gets a compelling reason to go off-the-grid.

It’s hard to believe it’s been 15 years since Tom Green’s cult comedy hit Freddy Got Fingered was released, and while it received some of the worst reviews ever, it’s a film that still, in 2016, has a solid fan base. “It really has found this amazing following of people around the world who I think look at things differently,” Green tells. “They look at the world differently, they like absurdity and laughing at the uptight nature of society and of the way films get made.”

It’s one of many times Green stepped into the spotlight of mainstream Hollywood media, in 2009 ending up on The Celebrity Apprentice, where Donald Trump fired him. As such, he’s in a good position to comment on Trump’s presidential campaign. “I think it’s an example of where we are in our world. People are very mesmerised by what they see on the internet and mainstream media, and if you don’t set your phone down, walk around and breathe the air and look around, you could literally get so sucked into this mainstream media machine that the world could evolve in very strange ways.

“I think it’s pretty funny, having been on The Celebrity Apprentice, having been fired by Donald Trump for going out drinking with Dennis Rodman on the night I was the project manager.”

Well-versed in the importance of technology as a big part of his career, it’s also a part of society that Green says consumes too much of our attention. It’s a topic that he often covers during his live show, which will hit Australia in March. “I think that people need to become aware that we are essentially becoming very robotic and we are going to our phones far too often and not living in the moment,” he explains. “I like to make sure that people who are young — who have maybe never lived life without a cellphone — are aware that there is a world out there, outside of the online universe and that you can maybe leave your phone at home and go out for a day without your phone on you.”

On top of constant touring and his relatively new podcast, The Tom Green Radio Show, Green has still found time to throw himself into a number of other projects. “I just shot this really cool movie called Iron Sky, and I have another movie that we’ll be announcing soon that will shoot this summer, which is going to be a really, really cool movie. That’s going to be coming out in about a year and half and that’s going to be really awesome,” he reveals.

“I’m developing a few television shows, so expect another television show in the next year or so, but right now I’m really excited about the tour, focusing on my podcast and recording some new music that I’m going to be releasing this year, so lots of fun stuff going on.”