Show Review: Dawn French 01.03.16

Published on, Mar 2016


Dawn French

Riverside Theatre

Mar 1

Thirty million minutes is 57 years (and a bit), which is roughly how long English favourite Dawn French has been on this planet.

During that time, the Vicar Of Dibley star has done some amazing things, very few of which this show focuses on.

Sure, the details of her upbringing and glimpses at her relationships help paint a picture of her life, but there’s a distinct lack of discussion surrounding her career in entertainment; there’s no behind-the-scene stories or gossip, or even the slightest mention of how she got her start or what sparked her interest in acting.

Instead she delivers an over-rehearsed two-hour show that hits numerous lulls and for some reason details the life of her grandparents.

It’s not so much the show lacks character or isn’t entertaining, it’s just not as great as it could have been, neglecting key areas of interest and including segments that really didn’t benefit the flow or meaning of the show.

Its saving grace is its underlying message, as French pocks fun of her own downfalls, ultimately reinforcing the importance being happy with who you are while stressing the importance of good relationships.