Show Review: Tom Green 21.03.16

Published on, Mar 2016


Tom Green

Octagon Theatre

Mar 21

An interesting venue for Tom Green (or any comedian for that matter) turned into the perfect setting, as the Canadian cult favourite transformed the university theatre into a classroom from which to school fans on the “digital vortex” that’s taking over.

“It was better before,” he barked, lecturing younger audience members on pre-internet days.

The attendance rate was low, which Green was quick to poke fun at as he told everyone he was filming his new live show, Tickets Still Available.

His time on the Tom Green Show, Road Trip and Freddy Got Fingered encapsulated Green’s absurd and random humour perfectly, but didn’t reflect his surprisingly insightful views on current issues and the way the world is evolving, which was a nice, surprising edge to the live show.

Behind-the-scenes tales and songs from his Hollywood hits, as well as a new Donald-Trump-hip-hop-dis track and aFreddy Got Fingered quote request section were highlights.

From hosting SNL in his prime to now running a podcast (“my career’s going pretty well then”), it seems that as Green matures his humour becomes more refined. While he’s not as sporadic (there were still plenty of over-exaggerated and violent movements and phrases throughout the set), there’s something to be said for Green’s more organised, cohesive material, which is far more engaging.