Show Review: Brian Posehn 12.04.16

Published on, Apr 2016


Brian Posehn

Rosemount Hotel

Apr 12

A pub was the perfect setting for “giant nerd”/metalhead Brian Posehn to perform his first ever Australian show, as he darted between complex comic-book references and musical content so brutal that it would make Slipknot cry.

PC culture was thrown under the bus when the US comedian and actor went meta with taboo words, shaping a perfectly executed bit that played on the trivial nature of oversensitivity while still acknowledging the importance of respect and tolerance.

The witty, geek-infused social commentary saw parallels between the Star Wars prequels and domestic violence, and relentless attacks on hipsters and pop music, but no one copped it more than Posehn himself, as his seething self-hatred conjured the most laughter, most likely due to its relatability.

He claimed to be bad at transitions, but the set was held together nicely by unexpected yet perfectly timed call backs, which ultimately took the show to the next level and saw him walk out to a roar with Rammstein’s Du Hast blasting as he geared up to “try rape a koala bear, get Chlamydia, and call it a night”.