Show Review: Tom Gleeson 28.04.16

Published on, Apr 2016


Tom Gleeson

His Majesty’s Theatre

Apr 28

You’d struggle to find a comedian as Aussie as Tom Gleeson. After firing g’days in every which direction, the TV personality the wider population have become accustomed to fell away and a more intelligent, witty and altogether funnier comic was on display.

It was clear early into Gleeson’s set that certain restrictions put in place by the mainstream media outlets he frequents stifle his true value.

Snorts were echoing throughout the room as he cycled through educated political impersonations, fast-paced and hilarious audience slams, stories of his young family and parents’ regional motel. Every joke was well structured with some building up to tongue-twisting mathematical and scientific punch lines that would have made most other comedians trip over themselves.

With a show that was 97% true (a little fiction added to round out certain punch lines), Gleeson said he was being lazy by simply reporting the events of his life as they happened, but another explanation might be that he has a keen sense for relatable observational humour.