Show Review: Jimeoin 12.05.16

Published on, May 2016



Regal Theatre

May 12

Sporting double denim and a cowboy hat, Irish funnyman Jimeoin immediately delivered on the theme promised, but after scooting around to laughter and a backing track for several minutes, that was the last we saw of the Western theme.

Before uttering a single word he had the crowd on his side, eliciting laughter with a series of over-exaggerated hand gestures and facial expressions.

“I have a strong accent and can mumble a bit,” Jimeoin said, which could have been the title of his show.

While he’s undoubtedly witty and can throw together long-winded tales, one-liners, crowd banter and callbacks with ease, it was largely the way in which he delivered his material that made it stick; a sentiment proved on numerous occasions when he was able to garner an uproar of laughter from the silence of a joke that didn’t quite connect. He was also able to ride a wave of chuckles longer than most with his exaggerated facial expressions and mumbling.

Jimeoin’s comedy is a fine blend of observational humour spliced with dad jokes, tackling the important things in life like existence, marriage, time and farts.