EXCLUSIVE: Here’s What Macklemore Was Working On In A Perth Studio

Published on, Aug 2016


Macklemore @ Perth Arena. Pic by Tashi Hall

With such chaotic schedules, touring musicians often piece together new tunes while on the road, which is why Seattle hip-hop maestro Macklemore spent seven hours in a Perth recording studio over the weekend.

Performing at Perth Arena on Friday night with Ryan Lewis, Macklemore setup at Northbridge studio Crank Recording the following day with his entourage and local engineer Charlie Young to put the final touches on a new, untitled single.

“It was a mostly finished song, and he put the final 20% into it, so by the end of the night it was ready to go,” Young

“It was in the same vein as his latest album, and it was awesome; I think it’s going to take off.”

The studio often attracts A-list musos, with The Game, Justin Beiber and more laying down tracks there in recent years, and while a lot of those bigger name also have inflated egos to match, Young says Macklemore was “completely cool; no ego issues or anything.”

During the session they tracked piano and vocals, including parts from Eric Nally, who features on Downtown.

“I go to do a little bit of piano, which was awesome,” Young reveals. “I was blown away that he trusted me with that.”

“He brought his piano player along, but they were all catching a flight, so once they thought they got everything, the band took off and Macklemore was just sitting here with me, going over it one final time, and discovered that a couple of chords didn’t work.”