Show Review: The Australian Bee Gees 19.08.16

Published on, Aug 2016

The Australian Bee Gees

Regal Theatre

Aug 19

When the tribute band on stage almost look like the tribute band on the poster, who almost look like the real deal, things can get a little confusing.

After head scratching subsided and the band rolled into song number three, More Than A Woman, (one version of) The Australian Bee Gees truly hit their stride; with ear-piercing three-part harmonies painting a spitting image of music icons Maurice, Barry and Robin Gibb.

Set over two eras, a montage of ‘70s Aussie ads hit the screen to set the mood, and its editing was just as charming as it was cheesy; intentional or not, it set the tone perfectly for what followed.

The other half of the set saw the three frontmen completely reinvented to mirror the brothers’ more iconic, dapper look, with a musical focus that shone a light on their bigger disco hits, climaxing at Fever, Stayin’ Alive and You Should Be Dancing.

With another Australian Bee Gees show booked in Las Vegas the following night, it’s hard to know exactly how many iterations of the band exist – or how experienced the members on this tour are – but what they lacked in immersive, convincing banter was more than remedied with their conviction of the songs.