Show Review: Trevor Noah 25.08.16

Published on, Aug 2016


Trevor Noah

Perth Arena

Aug 25

The Daily Show star Trevor Noah’s on-screen personality bled in thick and fast as he navigated a minefield of contentious issues through a series of jokes that played out like TV skits.

Easing into things with some observational humour about Perth, it wasn’t long before he unleashed an encyclopaedia’s worth of humorous knowledge on geography, biology, history, language and more, broke down the issues surrounding racism, sexism and more through easy to digest similes; his most powerful lines on Indigenous Australians leaving the room in awe.

Blending humour and political commentary with ease, Noah raised all the right questions, baiting the audience into aching for the answers; but the real impact came when he left certain talking points in the air, for punters to ponder on the way home and beyond.

The funnyman said the anecdote to ignorance was travel, but a dose of Trevor Noah goes a long way. “Words can change, people can change; we can do anything.” And coming from a man who was just pretending to be a penis in front of several thousand people, his words resonated all the more.

Cycling through countless accents (to perfection) and speaking at least five different languages, it’s not surprising his set ran overtime.