Show Review: Scott Aukerman 29.08.16

Published on, Aug 2016


Scott Aukerman

Astor Theatre

Aug 29

Teasing fans with a brief stand-up intro, prolific US podcaster and talk show host Scott Aukerman set the mood for improv perfectly with hilarious observational comedy about Perth and the venue before diving headfirst into Comedy Bang! Bang! and introducing the first of three guests in Mike Hanford, who took on the persona of a bicycle-loving, money-hungry John Lennon.

While the bizarre and hilarious interactions on his show are usually no more than a couple of minutes long, this first set of questions extended well beyond 30 minutes, with the high points made all the funnier by the ridiculous banter between.

CBB regulars and crowd favourites Paul F Tompkins and Lauren Lapkus were quick to follow; Tompkins stealing the spotlight with his portrayal of Santa, while Lapkus injected a different edge to the show playing Ho Ho the foul-mouthed Elf. The chemistry between the four, given it was the last date on the tour, was electric and a refreshing change of pace that gave an exciting, raw look at the inner-workings of Comedy Bang! Bang!.