Show Review: Neil DeGrasse Tyson – A Cosmic Perspective 22.07.17

Published on, Jul 2017

“I can’t wait for the next generation to take over so they can fix the world we broke,” echoed the wise words of astrophysicist and pop culture icon Neil deGrasse Tyson throughout a packed Riverside Theatre.

With the evening split into three sections (a lecture, conversation and Q&A), the cheery New Yorker delivered a different show than one might expect. He toed the line between a university lecturer and a stand-up comedian, all the while remaining within his element and blowing minds in every direction, frequently citing the musings of Carl Sagan.

A crash course on life as we know it was first on the schedule, with Tyson improvising as he hit technical difficulties, friendly hecklers and embarrassingly brilliant, off-the-cuff dad jokes – a pun about the metric system was tweeted live on stage.

Cosmic Perspective was indeed delivered and through relatable anecdotes and metaphors, Tyson was able to convey the significance of science, biology, chemistry and more in an entertaining way that many may have thought wasn’t possible. His powerful dialogue was both uplifting and, at some times, depressing; a shock to the ego he had warned attendees about upon entry. The show ran well over time as Tyson gave in-depth and engaging answers to questions, and his excitement was so infectious as he unpacked the universe that it no doubt set some punters on their own cosmic journey.